Shining History - Medieval Islamic Civilization

Al-Qayrawan Hospital, Tunisia in 830 AD

In the early 9th century muslim ruler Ziyadat Allah I of the Aghlabid dynasty founded a general Hospital in Tunisia that employed female nurses from as far as Sudan.

This hospital was named 'Ad-Dimnah' and was established in Al-Qayrawan, Tunisia. The city Al-Qayrawan(Kairouan) was founded in year 670 by Arab muslims and soon became a center of learning and culture in the Islamic world. Ad-Dimnah Hospital was established in the year 830 AD. The hospital had separate wards, waiting rooms for visitors, bathing facilities, regular physicians and nurses. The hospital also had a team of 'Fuqaha al-Badan' - religious scholars who were also physio-therapists and performed bloodletting, bone setting, and cauterization. There was also a mosque in the hospital for prayers and learning.

The employment of female nurses was unique to the hospitals in the Islamic World as females were rarely employed in the ancient and medieval healing temples elsewhere in the world.

Moreover, another notable distinction of this hospital was a special ward named 'Dar al-Judhama' for leprosy patients. This was the time when in Europe Leprosy was considered as a sign of evil and even six centuries later the patients were burnt to death by royal decree.


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