Shining History - Medieval Islamic Civilization

Catgut for Internal Stiching

Catgut is a type of cord (prepared from the natural fiber in the walls of animal intestines) that is still widely used for internal stiching. The credit for the first use of catgut for this purpose goes to the 10th century Muslim surgeon Al-Zahrawi(also known in the West as Abulcasis).

Abu al-Qasim Khalaf ibn al-Abbas Al-Zahrawi(936 – 1013), is considered the 'Father of Modern Surgery'. One of his major achievements was his work 'Kitab al-Tasrif' The Method of Medicine) - a 30 volume encyclopedia on medicine and surgery written in 1000 AD. Al-Tasrif was used as a standard text in european universities for over five centuries.


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